The Mobile Boutique

The Mobile Boutique

We don’t just pop-up, we Rock-Up!

Love to shop small and support independent, sustainable brands? Well, it doesn’t get much smaller than this. Our mobile horsebox boutique is just 5sqm and packed full of amazing children’s clothes and accessories.

Upcoming Rockit Rock-ups

The Happy Horsebox

· A novelty pop-up shopping experience

· Perfect for festivals, fairs, shows or any outdoor events

· Able to travel across the UK and reach isolated communities

· Full of great quality, sustainably-made children’s clothes and accessories

· One-way system, hand sanitising station and outdoor locations - ideal for safe and socially-distanced shopping

Inspired by a quick coffee break

“I was in the queue one day for our very popular local coffee van and wondered why the same couldn’t be done for retail, in the way there’s been mobile libraries and catering. I thought, ‘Why should my customers have to come to me, when I can go to them?’ I started searching for horse trailers on Ebay and the rest is history!”  

Holly Hamer, Director of Rockit Kids.

Want to book a Rockit Rock-Up?

If you think our mobile kidswear boutique would make a great addition to your event or like the idea of community shopping in your area, get in touch with Holly below.

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