Jennie Sergeant 'Brian's Big Day Out' Peter Pan Dress

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Features: A-line dress with Peter Pan collar and cuffed sleeves. 'Brian's Big Day Out' features the legendary Brian the Rainbow getting up to all sorts of mischief. It has been designed exclusively for Rockit by Jennie Sergeant Designs

Materials: 95% GOTS certified organic cotton, 5% elastane. 

Care: Wash on delicate at 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

Important: Our handmade products are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for dispatch. 

Grow With Me Romper

Size Waist Inseam
3-12 months 43-47cm 16-23cm
1-3 years 46-52cm 22-36cm
3-6 years 50-59cm 34-46cm

Grow With Me Harem Pants

Size Waist Height
3-12 months 44-49cm 60-76cm
1-3 years 49-55cm 77-97cm
3-6 years 55-59cm 97-118cm
6-9 years 59-64cm 118-136cm
9-12 years 64-67cm 136-149cm

Grow With Me Skorts

Age Height Waist
1-3 years 76-97cm 48-55cm
3-6 years 97-118cm 55-58cm

Handmade Boxy T-Shirt Dress

Age Height Chest Waist Hips
1-2 years 79-84cm 50cm 47cm 47cm
2-3 years 84-92cm 53cm 50cm 50cm
3-4 years 92-99cm 56cm 51cm 55cm
4-5 years 99-112cm 58cm 53cm 57cm
5-6 years 112-127cm 61cm 55cm 58cm
6-7 years 127-135cm 63.5cm 56cm 61cm
7-8 years 135-142cm 67cm 57cm 63.5cm
8-9 years 142-147cm 69cm 59cm 66cm
9-10 years 147-160cm 72cm 61cm 69cm

Adult Boxy Tee

Size Bust Waist
XS 77cm 58cm
S 82cm 63cm
M 87cm 68cm
L 92cm 73cm
XL 97cm 78cm
XXL 102cm 83cm

Handmade Dungaromper

Age Height Chest Waist
0-3 months 60cm 42cm 43cm
3-6 months 69cm 45cm 45cm
6-12 months 75cm 48cm 48cm
1-2 years 83cm 50cm 50cm
2-3 years 90cm 52cm 51cm

Handmade Dungarees

Age Height Chest Waist
1-2 years 83cm 50cm 50cm
2-3 years 90cm 52cm 51cm
3-4 years 97cm 55cm 52cm
4-5 years 103cm 57cm 53cm
5-6 years 109cm 59cm 55cm

Handmade Adult Dungarees

Size Full Bust Waist Hips
XXS 76-81cm 61-66cm 84-89cm
XS 81-86cm 66-71cm 89-94cm
S 86-91cm 71-76cm 94-99cm
M 91-97cm 76-81cm 99-104cm
L 97-102cm 81-86cm 104-110cm
XL 102-110cm 86-91cm 110-117cm
XXL 110-117cm 91-99cm 117-125cm
3XL 117-125cm 99-110cm 125-132cm
4XL 125-132cm 110-119cm 132-140cm
5XL 132-138cm 119-127cm 140-145cm

Handmade Leggings/Capri

Age Height Waist Hips
1-2 years 83cm 50cm 52cm
2-3 years 90cm 51cm 54cm
3-4 years 97cm 52cm 56cm
4-5 years 103cm 53cm 58.5cm
5-6 years 109cm 55cm 61cm
6-7 years 115cm 57cm 63cm
7-8 years 121cm 59cm 66cm
8-9 years 127cm 61cm 68.5cm
9-10 years 133cm 62cm 71cm

Handmade Adult Leggings

Size Waist Hips
XXS 61-66cm 84-89cm
XS 66-71cm 89-94cm
S 71-76cm 94-99cm
M 76-81cm 99-104cm
L 81-86cm 104-110cm
XL 86-91cm 110-117cm
XXL 91-99cm 117-125cm
3XL 99-110cm 125-132cm
4XL 110-119cm 132-140cm
5XL 119-127cm 140-145cm

Handmade T-Shirt Dress

Size Height Chest Waist
3-6 months 69cm 45cm 45cm
6-12 months 75cm 48cm 48cm
1-2 years 85cm 50cm 50cm
2-3 years 90cm 52cm 51cm
3-4 years 97cm 55cm 52cm
4-5 years 103cm 57cm 53cm
5-6 years 109cm 59cm 55cm
6-7 years 115cm 61cm 57cm
7-8 years 121cm 63cm 59cm
8-9 years 127cm 66cm 61cm
9-10 years 133cm 68cm 62cm
10-11 years 140cm 71cm 63cm
11-12 years 146cm 73cm 64cm
12-13 years 152cm 75cm 65cm

Handmade Skater Dress

Size Shoulder to hem
6-9 months 45.5cm
9-12 months 47.5cm
12-18 months 51cm
18-24 months 53cm
2-3 years 56cm
3-4 years 59.5cm
4-5 years 63.5cm
5-6 years 66cm
6-7 years 69cm
7-8 years 72cm
8-9 years 77cm
9-10 years 82cm
10-11 years 85.5cm

Handmade T-Shirts: Peter Pan, Ringer & Cuffed

Size Height Waist
1-2 years 92cm 54cm
2-3 years 98cm 55cm
3-4 years 104cm 56cm
4-5 years 110cm 57cm
5-6 years 116cm 58cm
6-7 years 122cm 58.5cm
7-8 years 127cm 59cm
8-9 years 134cm 61cm

Handmade Baseball (Raglan) T-Shirt

Size Height Waist
3-6 months 69cm 45cm
6-12 months 75cm 48cm
1-2 years 85cm 50cm
2-3 years 90cm 51cm
3-4 years 97cm 52cm
4-5 years 105cm 53cm
5-6 years 109cm 55cm
6-7 years 115cm 57cm
7-8 years 121cm 59cm
8-9 years 127cm 61cm
9-10 years 133cm 62cm
10-11 years 140cm 63cm
11-12 years 146cm 64cm
12-13 years 152cm 65cm

Handmade Adult PJs

Size Waist Hips Full Bust
XXS 61-66cm 84-89cm 76-81cm
XS 66-71cm 89-94cm 81-86cm
S 71-76cm 94-99cm 86-91cm
M 76-81cm 99-104cm 91-97cm
L 81-86cm 104-110cm 97-104cm
XL 86-91cm 110-117cm 102-110cm
XXL 91-99cm 117-125cm 110-117cm
3XL 99-110cm 125-132cm 117-125cm
4XL 110-119cm 132-140cm 125-132cm
5XL 119-127cm 140-145cm 132-138cm