Create Your Own Sleeveless Peter Pan Dress (1-6yrs)

See size chart

Features: A-line dress with Peter Pan collar and cuffed sleeves. 

Materials: 95% GOTS certified organic cotton, 5% elastane. 

Care: Wash on delicate at 30°C. Do not tumble dry.

Important: Our handmade products are made to order. Please allow 2-4 weeks for dispatch. 

Mock-ups are not to scale. 

If you have a preferred colour for collar, neck and cuffs please leave a note at checkout

Grow With Me Romper

Size Waist Inseam
3-12 months 43-47cm 16-23cm
1-3 years 46-52cm 22-36cm
3-6 years 50-59cm 34-46cm

Grow With Me Harem Pants

Size Waist Height
3-12 months 44-49cm 60-76cm
1-3 years 49-55cm 77-97cm
3-6 years 55-59cm 97-118cm
6-9 years 59-64cm 118-136cm
9-12 years 64-67cm 136-149cm

Grow With Me Skorts

Age Height Waist
1-3 years 76-97cm 48-55cm
3-6 years 97-118cm 55-58cm

Handmade Boxy T-Shirt Dress

Age Height Chest Waist Hips
1-2 years 79-84cm 50cm 47cm 47cm
2-3 years 84-92cm 53cm 50cm 50cm
3-4 years 92-99cm 56cm 51cm 55cm
4-5 years 99-112cm 58cm 53cm 57cm
5-6 years 112-127cm 61cm 55cm 58cm
6-7 years 127-135cm 63.5cm 56cm 61cm
7-8 years 135-142cm 67cm 57cm 63.5cm
8-9 years 142-147cm 69cm 59cm 66cm
9-10 years 147-160cm 72cm 61cm 69cm

Adult Boxy Tee

Size Bust Waist
XS 77cm 58cm
S 82cm 63cm
M 87cm 68cm
L 92cm 73cm
XL 97cm 78cm
XXL 102cm 83cm

Handmade Dungaromper

Age Height Chest Waist
0-3 months 60cm 42cm 43cm
3-6 months 69cm 45cm 45cm
6-12 months 75cm 48cm 48cm
1-2 years 83cm 50cm 50cm
2-3 years 90cm 52cm 51cm

Handmade Dungarees

Age Height Chest Waist
1-2 years 83cm 50cm 50cm
2-3 years 90cm 52cm 51cm
3-4 years 97cm 55cm 52cm
4-5 years 103cm 57cm 53cm
5-6 years 109cm 59cm 55cm

Handmade Adult Dungarees

Size Full Bust Waist Hips
XXS 76-81cm 61-66cm 84-89cm
XS 81-86cm 66-71cm 89-94cm
S 86-91cm 71-76cm 94-99cm
M 91-97cm 76-81cm 99-104cm
L 97-102cm 81-86cm 104-110cm
XL 102-110cm 86-91cm 110-117cm
XXL 110-117cm 91-99cm 117-125cm
3XL 117-125cm 99-110cm 125-132cm
4XL 125-132cm 110-119cm 132-140cm
5XL 132-138cm 119-127cm 140-145cm

Handmade Leggings/Capri

Age Height Waist Hips
1-2 years 83cm 50cm 52cm
2-3 years 90cm 51cm 54cm
3-4 years 97cm 52cm 56cm
4-5 years 103cm 53cm 58.5cm
5-6 years 109cm 55cm 61cm
6-7 years 115cm 57cm 63cm
7-8 years 121cm 59cm 66cm
8-9 years 127cm 61cm 68.5cm
9-10 years 133cm 62cm 71cm

Handmade Adult Leggings

Size Waist Hips
XXS 61-66cm 84-89cm
XS 66-71cm 89-94cm
S 71-76cm 94-99cm
M 76-81cm 99-104cm
L 81-86cm 104-110cm
XL 86-91cm 110-117cm
XXL 91-99cm 117-125cm
3XL 99-110cm 125-132cm
4XL 110-119cm 132-140cm
5XL 119-127cm 140-145cm

Handmade T-Shirt Dress

Size Height Chest Waist
3-6 months 69cm 45cm 45cm
6-12 months 75cm 48cm 48cm
1-2 years 85cm 50cm 50cm
2-3 years 90cm 52cm 51cm
3-4 years 97cm 55cm 52cm
4-5 years 103cm 57cm 53cm
5-6 years 109cm 59cm 55cm
6-7 years 115cm 61cm 57cm
7-8 years 121cm 63cm 59cm
8-9 years 127cm 66cm 61cm
9-10 years 133cm 68cm 62cm
10-11 years 140cm 71cm 63cm
11-12 years 146cm 73cm 64cm
12-13 years 152cm 75cm 65cm

Handmade Skater Dress

Size Shoulder to hem
6-9 months 45.5cm
9-12 months 47.5cm
12-18 months 51cm
18-24 months 53cm
2-3 years 56cm
3-4 years 59.5cm
4-5 years 63.5cm
5-6 years 66cm
6-7 years 69cm
7-8 years 72cm
8-9 years 77cm
9-10 years 82cm
10-11 years 85.5cm

Handmade T-Shirts: Peter Pan, Ringer & Cuffed

Size Height Waist
1-2 years 92cm 54cm
2-3 years 98cm 55cm
3-4 years 104cm 56cm
4-5 years 110cm 57cm
5-6 years 116cm 58cm
6-7 years 122cm 58.5cm
7-8 years 127cm 59cm
8-9 years 134cm 61cm

Handmade Baseball (Raglan) T-Shirt

Size Height Waist
3-6 months 69cm 45cm
6-12 months 75cm 48cm
1-2 years 85cm 50cm
2-3 years 90cm 51cm
3-4 years 97cm 52cm
4-5 years 105cm 53cm
5-6 years 109cm 55cm
6-7 years 115cm 57cm
7-8 years 121cm 59cm
8-9 years 127cm 61cm
9-10 years 133cm 62cm
10-11 years 140cm 63cm
11-12 years 146cm 64cm
12-13 years 152cm 65cm

Handmade Adult PJs

Size Waist Hips Full Bust
XXS 61-66cm 84-89cm 76-81cm
XS 66-71cm 89-94cm 81-86cm
S 71-76cm 94-99cm 86-91cm
M 76-81cm 99-104cm 91-97cm
L 81-86cm 104-110cm 97-104cm
XL 86-91cm 110-117cm 102-110cm
XXL 91-99cm 117-125cm 110-117cm
3XL 99-110cm 125-132cm 117-125cm
4XL 110-119cm 132-140cm 125-132cm
5XL 119-127cm 140-145cm 132-138cm